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Thallo Nominated as Hottest Climate Tech Start-up for Europas Awards: Public Voting Now Open!

London, UK (October 20, 2023) — Climate tech company Thallo today announced that it has been nominated for the Europas Awards in the category of hottest climate tech start-up. This nomination reflects Thallo’s dedication to driving climate action and sustainability through cutting-edge technology solutions.

The Europas Awards is a renowned platform that recognizes and celebrates the most promising and transformative technology start-ups across Europe. Thallo’s nomination in the climate tech category highlights its significant contribution to addressing climate change and fostering sustainable solutions.

“We are honored to be recognized as one of Europe’s climate tech pioneers. Through our Carbon-as-a-Service API, we are working to enable climate solutions at scale for companies around the world, and are proud to be recognized for our potential in this space.”

Hayley Moller, Chief Marketing Officer and Founding Team at Thallo

Thallo has earned its nomination for its groundbreaking Carbon-as-a-Service API, which streamlines carbon offsetting, making it easy, efficient, and fully auditable for businesses and individuals. By empowering organizations to take responsibility for their carbon emissions, Thallo is at the forefront of reshaping how companies and individuals contribute to a greener, more sustainable world.

Voting is now live until October 31, and supporters of Thallo and climate tech enthusiasts are encouraged to vote by visiting the Europas Awards website. Public participation is a crucial aspect of the Europas Awards, and it allows individuals to play a role in acknowledging and encouraging innovation in the climate tech sector.

About Thallo

Thallo is a climate solutions company providing access to the whole carbon market – either as one-off purchases or through APIs that allow businesses to incorporate carbon credits directly into their products and services. Thallo uses cutting edge technology to revolutionize and democratize the carbon markets, making it easier for buyers and sellers of high-quality carbon credits to find each other. Its team of veteran software entrepreneurs and climate tech professionals combine technological expertise with deep sustainability knowledge to build the carbon market of the future.