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Sell Carbon Credits

The voluntary carbon markets are broken. That’s why Thallo makes it easy for project developers – the most important players in the system – to capture fair value for their credits.

The simplest way to sell your carbon credits.
Earn revenue. Completely free.

Sell your carbon credits to multiple buyers with one simple interface.​

Manage credits across multiple projects. Set the volume and price, informed by real-time market data from the platform.

Sell to multiple buyers with ease. Open up to new sources of demand. Minimize operational overhead.

No listing or transaction fees

Secure Transactions

Open up retail & SME channels

No chasing payments

View & analyse market trends

No KYB or retirements processing


Join the platform

Speak with a member of our team to ascertain eligibility of your project. Proceed with a one-time KYB and onboarding. 


List your project

Showcase your project. Set your volume and price. Customize your project picture and description to maximise value-capture. 


Receive your payout

Enjoy hassle-free revenue management. Receive your payouts from successful sales automatically. Prompt and efficient transactions, allowing you to focus on your projects with peace of mind.