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Carbon Accounting & Sustainability Consultancies​

Thallo is the carbon offsetting software for carbon accounting & sustainability consultancies.

We need to achieve net zero. Businesses needs carbon accounting and sustainability consultancies to get there. Carbon accountants and consultants need access to the carbon market to support that journey.


expected CAGR growth of sustainability and ESG consulting services


of the annual revenue of the world’s largest companies is covered by a net zero target.


Companies using carbon credits decarbonize at twice the rate as those who don't

Our Solution

Leverage our App or API to seamlessly integrate carbon into your value proposition.

Access global carbon supply. Optimize your portfolios.

• Direct access to project developers
• Impact, risk, and cost-optimised portfolios
• Find projects that meet every need
• Intuitive interface

Everything in the Marketplace, plus.

• Co-branded certificates
• Customized portfolio builder
• Buy-and-hold to re-sell or retire at a later date
• Customer success manager

Streamline procurement. Manage carbon effectively.

• Manage buy- and sell-orders
• Easy invoicing and payments
• Track retirements and certifications
• Only buy what you need

Harmonize your data. Manage documentation easily.

• Track all carbon & financial data
• Analyse changes over time
• Understand non-carbon impact

Integrate carbon into your value proposition.

• Sell carbon at point-of-sale
• Embed carbon into procurement & user workflows
• Seamless third-party integration
• Digestible & streamlines analytics

Enterprise API

Use Thallo’s API to embed carbon credits into your software and user-journeys.


Choose which projects you want to provide to your clients in one easy-to-consume format. Enable them to purchase directly from you.


Drive climate financing and improve your sustainability credentials by enabling offsetting at point-of-sale.


Enable easy disclosure thanks to end-to-end audit trails and white-labelled certification.


API Features

Guaranteed delivery

Secure transactions

No up front purchase required

Purchase only what you need

Filter down or show all projects

Integrate with just a few lines of code

Carbon Credit Project Types

Planting and restoring forests to create new forests or restore degraded land to sequester carbon.

Preventing the clearing of forests to maintain carbon storage and protect biodiversity.

Producing charcoal from organic waste, which is then added to soil to improve carbon sequestration and soil health.

Converting organic waste into renewable energy in the form of biogas, reducing methane emissions and fossil fuel use.

Providing clean water access through boreholes, reducing the need for boiling water with firewood, thereby lowering emissions.

Developing lower-carbon cement and concrete alternatives to reduce emissions from construction materials.

Distributing efficient cookstoves to reduce fuel consumption and emissions from traditional cooking methods.

Implementing energy-saving measures in homes to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Enhancing forest management practices to increase carbon sequestration and improve ecosystem health.

Protecting and restoring mangrove forests, which are highly effective at storing carbon and protecting coastlines.

Capturing methane emissions from sources like landfills and livestock to prevent it from entering the atmosphere.

Conserving and restoring peatlands to maintain their carbon storage capacity and prevent emissions from degradation.

Adopting farming practices that restore soil health and increase carbon sequestration in agricultural lands.

Developing renewable energy projects, such as solar and wind, to replace fossil fuel-based energy sources.

Protecting and restoring underwater seagrass meadows and seaweed forests, which sequester significant amounts of carbon.

Providing water filters to reduce the need for boiling water, thereby cutting down on emissions from burning fuels.

Promoting the use of sustainably sourced wooden building materials to store carbon and reduce emissions from construction.

We will provide a curated selection of credits from the world’s most trusted verifiers:

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