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Thallo and SOCIALCARBON Announce Registry Integration

Thallo’s two-way carbon bridge will provide access to registry that values strong community co-benefits

London, UK (August 30, 2023) – Innovative climate tech firm Thallo today announces a new registry integration with ICROA-endorsed SOCIALCARBON, a long-established standard setter that focuses on nature-based solutions with measurable social, environmental and economic benefits to local communities.

SOCIALCARBON is the third registry to connect into Thallo’s two-way carbon bridge, an innovative piece of infrastructure that allows carbon credits from a registry to be moved securely onto and off a public blockchain. The addition of SOCIALCARBON’s credits – called “Social Carbon Units” – complements Thallo’s existing registry integrations with and BioCarbon Registry. The two registries primarily issue engineered carbon removals and nature-based carbon avoidance credits, respectively. 

“Today’s announcement marks an important step toward enabling access to the entire carbon market for our customers,” said Ryan Gledhill, Thallo co-founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to integrate with SOCIALCARBON, a standard that not only shares our commitment to environmental and social benefit, but that also has an eye toward leveraging the best technology for innovation.” 

“We’re excited to connect with leading industry players to add further value to our network of project developers and buyers,” said Mike Davies, CEO of Social Carbon Foundation. “This integration will open up additional liquidity options for project developers using the SOCIALCARBON Standard, supporting them to deliver real impact.”

Thallo has already launched its Carbon-as-a-Service offering, which allows customers to use Thallo’s two-way bridge to access carbon credits that have been brought onto the blockchain – or “tokenized.” The Thallo carbon marketplace, which will allow carbon buyers to find and purchase carbon credits directly from project developers, will be launched in the coming months.

SOCIALCARBON is a holistic international Greenhouse Gas (GHG) standard focused on Nature-Based Solutions. Since transitioning from a co-benefit standard to a full standard in 2022, 6 projects have listed with a pipeline of 30 projects expected in 2024. SOCIALCARBON is ICROA endorsed and conditionally approved under CORSIA. Operating a blockchain based registry, SOCIALCARBON utilises leading-edge technology to improve the auditability, transparency and security of SCUs issued under its Standard.

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About Thallo

Thallo is a climate solutions company providing access to the whole carbon market – either as one-off purchases or through APIs that allow businesses to incorporate carbon credits directly into their products and services. Thallo uses cutting edge technology to revolutionize and democratize the carbon markets, making it easier for buyers and sellers of high-quality carbon credits to find each other. Its team of veteran software entrepreneurs and climate tech professionals combine technological expertise with deep sustainability knowledge to build the carbon marketplace of the future. Follow Thallo on Twitter and LinkedIn or join our Telegram group for updates. For more information, visit

SOCIALCARBON is a holistic international Greenhouse Gas (GHG) standard focused on Nature-Based Solutions. Projects using the standard go beyond carbon, embedding meaningful social, environmental and economic benefits to the projects and their local stakeholders to foster true permanence. For over 15 years it has promoted the social and biodiversity benefits of nature-based projects. Follow SOCIALCARBON on LinkedIn for updates. For more information, visit