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Thallo Launches Pioneering Carbon-as-a-Service Solution

Single API solution gives businesses instant access to millions of carbon credits across the entire carbon market

London (27 June 2023) – Climate tech start-up Thallo today unveils its Carbon-as-a-Service (Caas) offering, a new API solution that empowers companies to embed carbon credits directly into existing business operations

In the race towards sustainability, a vast majority (89%) of corporate sustainability executives recognize the importance of carbon offsets in reducing emissions. However, many struggle with the complexities surrounding the carbon market and ensuring legitimacy of the credits they purchase. With concerns about greenwashing and lack of transparency, businesses need a better solution.

Thallo’s CaaS API provides businesses with instant access to millions of high-quality, verified carbon credits across the entire carbon market. With just a few lines of code, companies can seamlessly integrate carbon credits into their products and services. 

Thallo employs blockchain technology to digitize verified carbon credits in collaboration with carbon registries and project developers. This approach provides companies with direct access to credits while ensuring a tamper-proof audit trail, while eliminating the possibility of double-counting, and enabling the fractionalization of carbon credits. 

Companies looking to improve their sustainability credentials can integrate Thallo’s CaaS API and immediately connect with Thallo’s entire carbon supply through its relationships with project developers and carbon partners globally. They can then automatically begin purchasing carbon credits as needed, down to a fraction of a tonne. Thallo’s CaaS solution connects customers directly with project developers, eliminating intermediaries and thereby maximizing value to developing nations.

Thallo’s CaaS API allows companies from every industry to enable new sustainability solutions in a transparent way.  E-commerce brands can offer customers the option to offset their purchases, addressing scope 3 emissions and potentially creating new revenue streams. Consumer companies can track and offset their internal emissions in real-time. Manufacturers can collaborate with suppliers and end customers to easily facilitate emissions offsetting. Meanwhile sustainability consultancies and carbon accounting firms can establish their own branded marketplaces, offering clients a curated selection of carbon credit projects from Thallo’s trusted partners.

“Thallo’s Carbon-as-a-Service product empowers businesses from across industries to embrace sustainability solutions transparently and effectively,” said Thallo CEO and co-founder Ryan Gledhill. “Through our partnerships with over 200 project developers and access to more than 30 million tonnes of high-integrity credits, we ensure our customers have access to a wide selection at all times. By embedding carbon credits directly into existing business operations, sustainability becomes part of a company’s DNA, rather than a once-a-year afterthought.”

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About Thallo:

Thallo is a climate solutions company providing access to the entire carbon market – either as one-off purchases or through APIs that allow businesses to embed carbon credits into their products and services. Thallo uses cutting-edge technology to make it easier for buyers and sellers of high-quality carbon credits to find each other. For more information, visit

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