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Environmental Market Leader SCB and Climate Tech Start-Up Thallo Collaborate on Digital Carbon Credits

London, UK (May 31, 2023)SCB Environmental Markets, a leading low carbon company, and pioneering blockchain carbon marketplace Thallo today announce a new collaboration on digital future-focused carbon credits.

The collaboration leverages SCB’s extensive services in the carbon space and Thallo’s cutting-edge technology to optimize opportunities for businesses and individuals to buy verified, high integrity carbon credits. Through the partnership, SCB will supply carbon credits from multiple registries to Thallo’s new Carbon-as-a-Service offering and also  actively trade on Thallo’s marketplace platform. SCB will supply credits through Thallo’s two-way bridge, a first-of-its-kind technology that allows carbon credits to be moved from a carbon registry onto and off of the blockchain to maximize traceability, transparency and integrity.

Other joint activities include innovative projects to leverage the Thallo tech stack in support of the growth of the carbon market on-chain. The two companies will also co-operate to increase understanding of blockchain-enabled voluntary carbon and digital credit markets through joint workshops and webinars.

“As a leader in environmental markets, we believe that digitization is key to increased integrity – and therefore growth – of the voluntary carbon market,” says Kevin McGeeney, CEO of SCB. “We are proud to partner with Thallo to bring this vision to reality.” 

Joseph Hargreaves, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Thallo, added, “This collaboration with market-leading, low carbon trading company SCB is a significant milestone for Thallo’s vision of providing customers with access to the entire carbon market in a high-credibility, digitized fashion. Combining SCB’s market expertise and Thallo’s cutting-edge digitalization, we are committed to scaling the voluntary carbon markets in an innovative and sustainable way that drives positive change.”

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About SCB Environmental Markets SA:

SCB is a low carbon market leader, providing bespoke climate solutions in response to customers’ sustainability goals, carbon neutrality and net zero pledges. With 17 years’ expertise in environmental markets, SCB supports the financing of high-integrity and quality emission reduction and removal projects globally. The company is carbon neutral since 2021.

About Thallo Ltd:

Thallo Ltd is a cutting-edge technology company that has developed a platform designed to facilitate the trading of carbon credits and other digital environmental assets. Its mission is to drive the transition to a low-carbon economy by providing innovative solutions and services to its clients.

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SCB Environmental Markets SA

Katherine Anderson, Senior Marketing Manager:

Thallo Ltd

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