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A Real-World Application of Regenerative Finance: Thallo x Spirals

We’ve heard a lot about the promises of ReFi – or ‘regenerative finance’ – but few projects are actually already living those promises. Our partnership with Spirals is one of them.

Thallo is thrilled to announce our partnership with Spirals, a project that fully embodies the ethos of ReFi.

In web3 terms, Spirals allows projects to liquid stake for impact: delegators earn a staking derivative that can be used like their original cryptocurrency, while funding high-quality environmental projects behind the scenes. 

In non-web3 terms, you can think of it like a green savings account. Except the underlying bank is supporting climate impact, rather than oil and gas. Just like with a bank, you can continue using your funds and at any point take your money back out. Spirals goes one step further, allowing the community to contribute to how funds flow to projects and creating transparent accountability of impact. 

Thallo and Spirals Protocol partnership graphic

Staking Funds for Impact

Climate Collective recently gave Thallo one of its inaugural grants, which we will use to deploy our carbon credit bridge. Ours will be the first carbon bridge on Celo that retains the inherent characteristics of the underlying project, including SDGs; vintages; and more that makes each project unique.

But the grant isn’t disbursed all at once, rather based on milestones that we meet over the coming months. That means Climate Collective is still holding some of the grant money, which is just gathering proverbial dust on their books. 

And that’s exactly why we’re staking our grant money with Spirals. Funds that would be collecting dust, can instead passively fund high-quality climate projects – turning this financing mechanism truly regenerative.

A Strategic Partnership

But our Spirals partnership goes deeper. Given that Thallo is a marketplace for high-quality carbon projects, Thallo will champion projects in need of financing to be assessed by the Spirals Climate Council. 

We will participate in governance and vote to fund projects that we believe will have the greatest impact.

At Thallo, we have a passion for regenerative finance, we believe the economy as it is has an unhealthy obsession with unsustainable growth and arbitrary figures that must be hit in order for us as a people to be deemed successful. 

We have moved too far away from a system that allows for conservation and regeneration of our ecosystems. Partnering with Spirals and contributing to cycles of yield that can be used to scale these efforts by the selection and funding of high quality carbon projects is one small way in which we at Thallo can contribute, and we hope you will join us.

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For more information, check out the Thallo website or follow us on TwitterLinkedIn or Telegram.

If you’re looking to join us in making the new economy regenerative by design, consider integrating with Spirals as well. Spirals can be reached on Twitter or Telegram

Let’s build a better world, together!