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Case Study: ReeWild

Simplifying climate action: Reewild and Thallo


Sustainability is complex.

As companies navigate their sustainability journeys, they face a number of challenges. Traditional approaches often result in fragmented and inefficient processes, making it difficult for businesses to tackle their environmental impact effectively. Companies are faced with a multitude of vendors, each solving a very narrow part of the problem. 

But sustainability should be easy. 

Enter Thallo and Reewild, two innovative climate tech startups dedicated to making climate action more accessible and impactful. While they share a common goal, each possesses distinct strengths and expertise. 

In coming together, their primary challenge was to synergise their capabilities to address the convoluted nature of corporate sustainability, especially in carbon management and offsetting.

Reewild is on a mission to build better behaviours from individuals and businesses alike. We want to build a platform that can act as a one-stop solution for climate action. It was therefore a no-brainer to begin working with Thallo, who focuses on making carbon offsetting—the last stage of our client’s typical sustainability journey—efficient, fair, and transparent.

Sorrel Cowen, Sustainability Analyst at Reewild


The collaboration between Thallo and Reewild presented a groundbreaking solution that simplifies the complexities of the voluntary carbon market. By integrating Thallo’s Carbon-as-a-Service into Reewild’s software, they created a seamless, tech-driven end-to-end carbon management experience for customers, that allows them to be radically transparent about the projects they support. The partnership effectively provides a new level of traceability that gives Reewild’s partners confidence in their climate action stories.

An example Public Impact Page for one of Reewild’s end customers.

Thallo’s solution is a gateway to the carbon market, enabling businesses to purchase carbon credits directly. This integration meant that Reewild’s clients could now easily build robust climate action portfolios independently without navigating the complexities of the carbon market. It also allows Reewild to create their Climate Positive Culture portfolio for employees signed up to the service, which acts as an essential component to help engage corporate workforces in their individual sustainability journeys.

“Reewild is an ideal partner for us. Having built top-tier software that helps companies track and manage their carbon footprint, they have now—thanks to Carbon-as-a-Service—also helped companies invest in high-impact carbon credits to offset their residual environmental impact. It’s a perfect match.”

Nicolas Alexander, Chief Growth Officer, Thallo


This accessibility has enabled a broader range of companies to participate in meaningful climate action by offsetting their emissions through verified carbon credits, with companies from the music industry, the interior design industry, and the food and drink sector all benefitting from Reewild and Thallo’s new partnership.

The collaboration also demonstrates the power of partnership and innovation in tackling global environmental challenges, setting a new standard in the climate tech industry for end-to-end carbon management solutions.