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Embed Carbon Credits Across Your Business with Carbon-as-a-Service

Almost 90% of corporate sustainability executives say carbon offsets are an important part of reducing emissions. But many don’t know where to begin:

Nearly half (44%) of companies are concerned about greenwashing

  • The stakes are high: your company wants to do something positive, but then you see companies in the news get accused of greenwashing for having purchased carbon offsets later deemed sub-par. How can you be sure the carbon credits you buy are legitimate?

Nearly two-thirds (38%) are concerned about lack of transparency

  • It can be difficult to even figure out where and how to buy carbon offsets. With a proliferation of retailers, platforms and brokers selling carbon credits, it can be nearly impossible to know if you’re getting a fair deal or seeing a full selection of the market on any one platform. How do you know what platform to use? 

More than one third (35%) say carbon credits are too complicated and don’t link in with existing processes

  • The voluntary carbon market is incredibly complicated to navigate. There’s a wide and varied range of different carbon credit standards and methodologies, and it practically takes a PhD in sustainability to be able to decode 100+ page PDFs describing projects. What carbon credits do you buy, and when do you buy them?

And with new regulations coming down from governments around the world and increasing competition from businesses trying to reach the cutting edge, you can no longer ignore these challenges. It’s time to tackle sustainability head-on.

So what are your options?

Well, there’s the old way of buying carbon offsets for your business: get your team together once-a-year, pay the highest price you can tolerate from whatever platform you stumble upon, and hope you’ve purchased something good. 

And now, finally, there’s a better option: Carbon-as-a-Service

Carbon-as-a-Service enables you to embed carbon credits into your business with just a few lines of code.

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What is Carbon-as-a-Service?

Carbon-as-a-Service is a single API solution that gives businesses instant access to millions of carbon credits across the entire carbon market. It allows businesses to easily and automatically embed high-quality, verified carbon credits into their products and services, with just a few lines of code.

Thallo’s CaaS product allows companies from every industry to enable new sustainability solutions overnight in a transparent way. 

With CaaS, you can turn every transaction into a climate action. Every customer check-out, swipe, invoice or new client is an opportunity to tap into millions of verified carbon credits from carbon project developers around the world. With 200+ project developers relationships and 30M+ tonnes in spot credits, we ensure our customers always have access to credits. 

The possibilities are endless, and can be tailored to your business needs. For example:

  • Offsetting at checkout for e-commerce / retail: Brands can immediately offer their end customers the option to offset the product they’re purchasing. The brand can either pay for these credits itself, thereby addressing its scope 3 emissions, or generate a new revenue stream from offering this service to end clients.
  • Marketplace supply for sustainability consultancies or carbon accounting firms: Companies can use our API to provide their own selection of carbon credit projects to their clients directly in their digital interface, or through their own branded marketplace, with credits supplied from Thallo’s high-quality project developer partners. They can filter the API for specific project types, registries, geographies and more, to fit their clients’ needs.
  • B2B companies tackling Scope 3 emissions: Whether offering products or services, B2B companies can immediately give their upstream suppliers and/or downstream customers the option to easily offset emissions associated with products and services. For B2B companies, which often have large Scope 3 emissions, this is a concrete step moving them closer to Net Zero.
  • Internal carbon management for corporates and traders: Organizations can track and offset their own internal emissions in a verified, real-time way through our API. CaaS provides granularity on offsetting activities throughout your organization. Identify how activities, departments or buildings are using carbon offsets, and proactively manage spend.
  • Carbon portfolio management for traders: Brokers can use the same interface to manage their own portfolios in a single place, with an easy-to-use dashboard that clearly highlights trends in project types, locations and registries while providing comfort that everything is securely accounted for.
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How does Carbon-as-a-Service work?

Thallo digitizes verified carbon credits in direct collaboration with carbon registries and the project developers themselves. We do this using blockchain technology, which not only provides companies direct and access to these carbon credits, it also:

  • Enables a tamper-proof audit trail 
  • Ensures that no double-counting is possible
  • Allows for the fractionalization of carbon credits down to the gram

By embedding carbon credits directly into your existing business operations, sustainability becomes part of your company’s DNA, rather than a once-a-year afterthought.


  • Step 1: Integrate Thallo’s Carbon-as-a-Service API with just a few lines of code
  • Step 2: Immediately connect to our entire carbon supply through our relationships with project developers and carbon partners globally
  • Step 3: Automatically begin purchasing carbon credits only as needed, down to a fraction of a tonne 

If you don’t have carbon accounting capabilities in-house, no problem: we’ll bring in one of our trusted carbon accounting partners to help you build a bespoke footprinting solution for your business.

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Why should my business use Carbon-as-a-Service?

Your company can unlock the power of the voluntary carbon market, using the latest technology to overcome key challenges. Carbon-as-a-Service can help you:

  • Offset internal activities (scope 1 and 2)
  • Begin tackling indirect emissions (scope 3)
  • Prove your sustainability credentials
  • Improve customer engagement and retention
  • Help fight climate change
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Our unique service enables carbon access like never before. Our Carbon-as-a-Service product is designed to maximize:

  • Efficiency
    • Aggregated access to the entire carbon market
    • Frictionless trading reduces transaction costs & minimizes paperwork
  • Trust
    • Double accounting is impossible with our custodial approach 
    • Direct engagement with project developers
  • Transparency
    • True pricing, thereby maximizing value to developing nations
    • Traceability & auditability contributes to a robust and efficient accounting framework

By integrating Thallo’s API, businesses can take real climate action, position themselves as sustainable, engage existing customers, and attract new ones. It also helps improve repurchase rates as customers demanding climate action are more likely to return knowing the business is aligned with their values.

How much does it cost?

For set-up and maintenance, we charge a one-time integration fee and a low monthly subscription fee.

For the carbon credits, we allow project developers and carbon partners to set the prices for each credit sold through the integration, and simply charge a set fee on each transaction to cover our costs.

It’s up to you if you want to cover the cost of the carbon credits directly, or pass that through to your end customers as an optional add-on to help them decarbonize their purchases.

So what are you waiting for?

Your company’s sustainability transformation is one integration away. 

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Turn every transaction into a climate action, with Carbon-as-a-Service. 

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