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Thallo Elevates Executive Team with CEO Promotion, 3 Other Senior Management Positions

Climate tech innovator recently raised $2.5 million to democratize carbon markets

London, UK (December 5, 2022) – Climate tech and web3 start-up Thallo recently named blockchain expert and serial entrepreneur Ryan Gledhill as Chief Executive Officer, leveraging his operations and technical expertise as the company builds a blockchain-based marketplace designed to revolutionize and democratize the voluntary carbon markets. The company also named three other members of its founding team to new official executive roles.

Prior to co-founding Thallo with Joseph Hargreaves and Adam Dry, Gledhill was the Chief Technical Officer at Ivno, which was sold to enterprise blockchain powerhouse R3 in 2021. He led the ICO of FunFair in 2017 and is a blockchain and cryptocurrency thought leader and speaker at several major conferences, including most recently Security Token Summit 2021.

“I am thrilled the team have placed their trust in me as CEO of Thallo,” said Ryan Gledhill, Thallo Co-Founder and CEO. “As a longtime serial entrepreneur in the blockchain space, I am a true believer in this technology’s ability to transform, improve and democratize markets of many types. The voluntary carbon markets are primed for disruption, with buyers and sellers of carbon credits having a hard time agreeing value. Thallo’s marketplace solves that problem, and we have a long-term roadmap in place to continue to build first-of-their-kind products that enable innovation and transparency.”

In addition, three other members of Thallo’s founding team—all leaders in web3 or climate tech—have received new titles. Joseph Hargreaves, a longtime sustainability expert, has been named Chief Strategy Officer; Adam Dry, a veteran blockchain developer and serial entrepreneur is now Chief Technical Officer; and Hayley Moller, a climate communications expert with an INSEAD MBA and an environmental science background, is Thallo’s Chief Marketing Officer. The company has 12 full-time staff.

Earlier this month, Thallo announced the closure of an oversubscribed $2.5 million seed round, which allows the company to accelerate ongoing development and marketing of its flagship Thallo carbon exchange. Thallo’s first-of-its-kind marketplace is using web3 technology to solve major pain points affecting the contemporary voluntary carbon market, which is growing in importance as companies work to achieve their sustainability goals.

Thallo’s investors include enterprise blockchain and crypto company Ripple and lead investors Arcan LLC and Friendly Trading Group 2, as well as Allegory, Cerulean Ventures and Flori Ventures. The company has also received a grant from Layer 1 blockchain Celo, via the Climate Collective, and has also entered into a technical partnership with Ripple.

The voluntary carbon markets were valued at almost $2 billion in 2021 and are expected to be worth as much as $150 billion in the next 8 years, providing a major opportunity for early movers who create a user-friendly marketplace.

About Thallo

Thallo uses first-of-its-kind blockchain technology to revolutionize and democratize the carbon markets, making it easier for buyers and sellers of high-quality carbon credits to find each other. Its team of veteran blockchain entrepreneurs and climate tech professionals combine technological expertise with deep sustainability knowledge to build the carbon marketplace of the future. Follow Thallo on Twitter and LinkedIn or join our Telegram group for updates. For more information, visit