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Video: How to create a new carbon removal methodology with Un-do

Carbon removal has gotten a lot of attention in recent years, with major tech companies like Stripe and Shopify championing the scale-up of these technologies.

But there are major challenges when it comes to generating carbon credits from cutting-edge technologies like enhanced rock weathering. One of these challenges is around how to get a new methodology approved through a standard (like Verra or Gold Standard). It’s a necessary step to being able to get carbon credits issued from a project, but can be challenging to navigate the options.

To tackle this topic, our own Hayley Moller sat down with Simon Manley, who is Head of Carbon at Un-do, one of Thallo’s founding partners. Simon has experience getting new methodologies issued, both in previous work with biochar and now with Un-do for enhanced rock weathering.

We also tackled how to think about carbon removal vs. avoidance, and what the trade-offs are between these different carbon credit types.

Check out the full video interview below: