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Video: Good Community Stewardship with Biofix

You may have heard of ‘carbon cowboys,’ or project developers that approach a community with an extractive mindset, looking to profit without real partnership.

But at Thallo, we look for project developers that are doing things right: working together with communities to build lasting environmental solutions with real benefits for the people on the ground.

We think it’s important to shine a spotlight on these project developers, like Biofix – one of Thallo’s founding partners.

Last month, we sat down with David Diaz Buelvas, Biofix Head of Operations, and Andrea Leyva Ponce de León, Biofix Operations Officer, at their offices in Bogotá, Colombia.

We had a great – and honest – conversation about the importance of engaging authentically with communities on the ground, why they’re excited to partner with a blockchain-based exchange, and what limitations they see on the ability of blockchain technology to improve the voluntary carbon markets.

Check out the full video interview below: