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Ethers.js CheatSheet — Skip the learning curve!

Open Source Rocks

At thallo we utilise a number of open source libraries to build our product suite. We believe that the open source community is incredibly valuable and that anyone that takes from it should try and give something back.


8 weeks ago we started our search for a Web3 developer to lead our smart contract and blockchain integration goals. We decided on an unusual recruitment process which involved a smart contract challenge in order to discover the email address to apply to. We had some great feedback from candidates who really enjoyed the puzzle. There’s even been some chatter on Stack Overflow about it. Although we’ve filled the position, if you fancy having a go for fun, the challenge starts here.

Anyway, off the back of that process, 6 weeks ago we hired our Senior Solidity Developer — Brandon. Brandon’s been absolutely smashing through the design and delivery of our blockchain powered carbon bridge. Another part of his role at thallo is to educate others in the team on the deep technicals of the Web3 world.

Giving Back to the OS Community

To that end, Brandon has put together this awesome ethers.js CheatSheet which we’ve decided to make open source so everyone in the Web3 community can make use of it and contribute if they wish.

It’s super pragmatic and to-the-point. It’ll be a great initial read, as well as useful reference material for any developer who isn’t already well versed in the nuances of communicating with a blockchain through ethers.js.

Skip the painful learning curve that many of us have gone through and give it a read!

Being open source, if you have any feedback, please feel free to fork the repo and raise a PR, or create an issue and we’ll get back to you!