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Thallo: Climate Tech 3.0

As a technologist, my raison d’être is to solve challenging problems. Generally, the more difficult the problem, the more novel an approach becomes necessary to maximise the chances of success.

It is evident that we — as a species — are facing perhaps the most challenging issue that we have ever confronted in the collective Climate Emergency. But it is equally evident that humans are notoriously poor at judging risk (especially in the long-term) and that people will optimise their decisions for short-term rewards over long-term security.

Education around climate change and a gradual generational shift towards climate action is encouraging, and the tides of change are beginning to drive hope and optimism around potential solutions. The idea of a technological silver bullet to sequester carbon or create ‘clean’ energy clearly appeals to a species naturally hard-wired to place more emphasis on infringed liberties (personal loss) than intangible progress (species-wide gain).

But the ultimate reality is that the climate emergency has been caused by humanity as a whole, and it needs a supermajority of us to collaborate for a solution to be effective.
How do you motivate humans to change? One word: Incentives.


My career has been most recently centred around changing industries that have been previously resistant to change.
At Funfair, myself and the team developed the concept of provable fairness, bringing a whole new layer of auditability & responsibility to the world of gaming.
Then, as the CTO of Ivno (recently acquired by enterprise DLT heavyweight R3), my mission was to increase the transparency and accountability between financial institutions by building a truly enterprise stablecoin offering.

Both of those feats had a single success factor in common: behaviour change. Why would I — as a customer — convert to a novel technology with all the friction that entails? What made that behaviour change worthwhile? The answer to that question, and the underlying source of the power of blockchain technology & Web3, is collaboration.

What if I told you that Climate Tech 3.0 allowed every member on the network to benefit from the growth of the ecosystem? That every role contributes to the collective success, but more importantly that each and every contributor also benefits from this ongoing collaborative growth.

A sneak-peek of Thallo’s tokenomics. A future article will cover incentive alignment in more depth.

This is thallo’s vision. The thallo team has been working in stealth for almost a year, to perfect an amalgamation of incentive design, tokenomics, and community & industry actors in order to maximise our footprint within the market of regenerative finance and bring together like-minded individuals to collaborate in this shared goal.

Who are thallo?

Firstly, we need to start with what being part of thallo means. What do we believe?
We believe in the power of shared consciousness. We believe that with a thriving ecosystem of individuals collectively driving towards our goal of sustainability, we can bring the power of Web3 —the power of community — to democratise existing carbon markets.

The core team consists of sustainability and Web3 heavyweights. We have serial entrepreneurs with a number of successful exits, to senior Googlers/Xooglers with years of silicon valley experience. We have advisors that hail from some of the largest decentralised Web3 protocols, as well as team members who have worked closely with Al Gore and ran press for the UN Climate Action Summit. We have experts who have made a living from game theory and incentive creation.

In short, our core team is best placed to deliver a climate solution that utilises cutting-edge technology to exponentially build carbon markets, and beyond.

Why are we different?

We have seen an explosion of ‘ReFi’ projects striving towards the same sustainability goals — each with a slightly different approach, but fundamentally we are all working towards a shared end-game.

From entirely decentralised initiatives such as KlimaDAO & Toucan, to more familiar traditional solutions such as, we are by definition on the same side. We’ll be reaching out to our climate allies in due course in order to further our solutions.

Thallo’s first milestone is the creation of a decentralised marketplace for Voluntary Carbon Credits. A Carbon Credit exchange that:

  • Rewards project developers with lower fees, greater liquidity and funding routes.
  • Empowers retail users to support the ecosystem with staking opportunities and early ecosystem rewards.
  • Allows business and industry to trace and audit their offsets, with indisputable proof of carbon credit retirements recorded immutably on-chain.
  • Works with regulators, incumbent verification bodies, and carbon offset rating agencies to provide unparalleled credit/project transparency.
  • Aligns financial incentives with sustainability and ‘ReFi’ goals.
  • Incentivises Web3 & Sustainability partners to join the thallo ecosystem for maximum offset efficiency.

But that is merely step one of thallo’s vision. Our future roadmap will define our intentions to connect speculators and developers for effortless funding and project income. It will outline our investments into other areas of climate tech, and our partnerships with some of the world’s largest industry, sustainability and Web3 partners.

What is next?

Thallo will be delivering alpha from across the core team over the next 6 months on a number of different mediums as we finalise our pre-seed round and head towards a public token launch. We’ll cover topics as diverse as climate tech; tokenomics; project architecture; protocol integrations; and sustainability advice, to mention but a few.

We invite anyone who has a passion for sustainability or Web3 to join us in this mission. We all have a part to play in the next ten years, before climate change becomes largely irreversible.

By making verifiable improvements to the liquidity, transparency, and auditability of the voluntary carbon markets, we can make a real difference in decarbonisation efforts. Join us as we deliver real change with cutting-edge software combining incentive mechanisms with exponential community growth.