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Carbon Offsets For Your Business

Offset your emissions confidently and reach your net-zero goals: choose between our real-time carbon credit offering, Carbon-as-a-Service, and our on-demand marketplace.

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We will provide a curated selection of credits from the world’s most trusted verifiers:

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What are you looking for?

Real-time Carbon Removal

Turn every transaction into climate action with our proprietary "Carbon-as-a-Service" product

Custom Integrations

Seamlessly integrate climate action into your products with a few lines of code.

BAU Offsetting

Embed carbon credits into your business operations, and sustainability becomes part of your company’s DNA, not an afterthought.

Instant Offsetting

Re-address the balance. Carbon emissions happen all along the value chain. So why shouldn’t carbon removals?

Verified Transparency

Double accounting is impossible with our approach. Traceability & auditability contributes to a robust and efficient accounting framework

One-off Carbon Purchases

Buy carbon to offset your footprint at regular or irregular intervals through our Thallo Marketplace

No hidden layers

The projects on our platform come directly from project developers, cutting out value-sapping intermediaries.

Transparency first

Our platform allows buyers to see the full audit trail of each carbon credit, making ESG reporting simple and verifiable.

Speedy transactions

We offer simple and standard invoicing for easy procurement, protected by the highest standards for KYC/AML.

Guaranteed impact

Our platform features diverse projects from around the world, but they all share one thing: these high-quality projects are making a real impact for communities on the ground.

Purchasing carbon
offsets is a minefield.

We have removed the intermediaries that make buying carbon on the VCM (Voluntary Carbon Market) more difficult and costly. We have made it easy to filter, find and purchase verified carbon credits according to your criteria.

We show the prices of completed transactions as well as listed projects, giving you intel about what you should be paying for different types of credits.

Thallo charges a flat fee across all transactions. Everything else goes back to the project developers and landowners, so they can reinvest in new projects.

We make it easy for you to filter, find and purchase carbon credits according to your criteria. All credits on our platform meet our Thallo Minimum Standards.

Choose between our proprietary connection (Carbon-as-a-Service) for real-time and seamless carbon offsetting or buying from our marketplace whenever you need.

Choose your product

Decide if you need real-time access to carbon credits with our Carbon-as-a-Service offering, or just need one-off access through our carbon marketplace.


Work with our product team to integrate carbon offsets into your business for Carbon-as-a-Service, or get your login for our carbon marketplace.

Purchase carbon seamlessly

Either way, you'll have direct access to high-quality, verified carbon credits as simple as 1, 2, 3!

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