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Offset your Personal Carbon Footprint

Invest in high-quality carbon projects that make a difference.

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The Future of Carbon Offsets.

Thallo makes it simple for you to filter, find and purchase carbon credits that align with your values.

Direct Impact

The projects on our platform come directly from project developers, so you can rest easy knowing you’re investing in a vetted project with real carbon impact.


We use blockchain technology to ensure complete transparency and traceability around your purchase.


Use our comprehensive filters to find the carbon credits that resonate with you.

Instant Optionality

Retire your carbon credits to offset your emissions, or hold them to trade later. No matter your goals, our platform allows full optionality for credits you’ve purchased.

Calculate your footprint

Calculate your carbon footprint in 5 minutes using one of our recommended carbon calculators.

Choose your Project

Filter across a range of different projects based on geography, price, co-benefits and more.

Purchase Your Carbon Offset

Purchase carbon offsets using crypto or credits cards with minimal fees.

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