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What we are doing?

We are building an efficient and
transparent Carbon Offset Marketplace.

The Problem is that the market has been plagued with challenges that reduce trust and uptake.

The voluntary carbon market can play a key role in the world achieving net-zero!


Trying to offset their emissions face: opaque pricing, insufficient liquidity, clunky & OTC transactions and lack of trust & transparency.


Providing carbon offsets to the market face: value-destroying intermediaries, limited direct market access, and limited access to project financing.

Our Solution leverages the booming world of tokenomics & blockchain technology to remove these market barriers.

By democratising access to onchain carbon credits issued by trusts accreditation bodies, verified credits can be freely, bought, sold held or retired by companies or individuals committed to offsetting their carbon footprint. Thallo also creates to a market previously incessible to retail investors.


  • Direct Market Access
  • Reduced Transaction Costs
  • Access to blockchain technology
Image of a registry

Corporations & B2B

  • Easy Price discovery
  • Exchange based transactions
  • High liquidity
  • Trust & transparency

Individuals & Investors

  • Access to new markets
  • Generate Yield
  • Price Discovery