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Welcome to Thallo, a community where we come together to explore sustainable economic growth. Our mission is to create a future that is not only equitable, but also environmentally responsible. Every member of our community plays an important role in achieving this goal. To ensure that our community is friendly, professional, and respects our members’ privacy, we have put together the following guidelines:

  1. Encouraged behavior:
    1. Sharing and asking questions about carbon markets, climate change, and blockchain. We believe that open discussion and exchange of ideas is critical to achieving our mission.
    2. Inviting your friends to join our community. We want to grow and expand our community while maintaining a positive environment.
    3. Respectful differences of opinions. We understand that our members may have varying views on certain topics, and we encourage healthy debate and discussion. Please be respectful and civil when expressing your opinions.
  2. Discouraged behavior:
    1. Misinformation. We strive to be a community that values truth and accuracy. Please refrain from spreading false information or news.
    2. Spam. We do not tolerate repetitive or irrelevant posts in our community.
    3. Shilling/Self-Promotion. Please do not promote your own products or services in our community. This includes links to personal websites or referral links.
    4. Discrimination. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, ability, religion, or any other personal characteristic.
    5. Personal attacks. We expect our members to engage in civil and respectful discourse. Any form of harassment or personal attack will not be tolerated.
    6. Illegal activities. Any discussion or promotion of illegal activities is strictly prohibited.
    7. Trolling. We want our community to be a safe space for open discussion and learning. Trolling or intentionally provoking other members is not allowed.
    8. Explicit material. We expect our members to use appropriate language and content in our community.
    9. Doxing. Sharing of personal information or “doxing” of other members is strictly prohibited.
  3. See something, Say something:
    1. If you see a member acting in a way that is harmful to our community, please report it to an admin or moderator through DM.
    2. We reserve the right to mute members, delete posts, and remove constant offenders.
  4. Privacy:
    1. We take our members’ privacy seriously and expect all members to respect each other’s privacy as well.
    2. Please do not share personal information or conversations without permission.
    3. We also ask that members refrain from sharing any sensitive or confidential information within the community.
    4. If you have any concerns about your privacy, please reach out to an admin or moderator.
    5. You can view our website and platform privacy policy here.

By joining our community, you agree to abide by these guidelines. We reserve the right to update or change these guidelines as needed to maintain a positive and productive community. Thank you for being a part of Thallo!