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Net Zero

in Real-Time

Introducing Carbon-as-a-Service: embed carbon credits into the DNA of your business, turning every transaction into powerful climate action.

We will provide a curated selection of credits from the world’s most trusted verifiers:

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Carbon emissions happen all along the value chain... So why shouldn't carbon removals?

What is Carbon-as-a-Service?

Carbon-as-a-Service is a single API solution that gives businesses instant access to millions of carbon credits across the entire carbon market.

It allows businesses to easily and automatically embed high-quality, verified carbon credits into their products and services, with just a few lines of code.

How does Carbon-as-a-Service work?

Thallo’s Carbon-as-a-Service (CaaS) employs blockchain technology to digitalize carbon credits, ensuring secure, direct access. The tamper-proof nature prevents double-counting and allows credit fractionalization down to the gram.

Through collaboration with carbon registries and project developers, Thallo verifies the authenticity of credits, enabling businesses to contribute to sustainability and combat climate change confidently.

Why should my business use Carbon-as-a-Service?

CaaS is a transformative tool that enables your business to engage in the voluntary carbon market seamlessly.

It streamlines the process of offsetting both direct and indirect emissions, bolstering your sustainability image whilst adding real climate impact.

This comprehensive solution enhances loyalty with your customers while combating climate change.

More value from your customers

Increase client LTV by adding value to carbon management strategies & portfolios

Revenue Expansion

Generate new revenue streams as carbon markets grow

Strategic Direction

Benefit from trustworthy, technology-driven recommendations to guide your strategic decisions.

Portfolio Building

Efficiently construct robust carbon portfolios and create customized white-labelled marketplaces with our versatile tools.

Custom Integrations

Employ custom widgets to seamlessly integrate climate action into your products.

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Did you miss the CaaS webinar? Watch the highlight video below.